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So we’re trying out this Patreon thing.

time 2017/06/29

So we’re trying out this Patreon thing.

Since we live in the information age where niche porn peddling has evolved, we’re giving this Patreon thing a shot. While it’s a litle skimpy because we’re busy dealing with the language barrier as it is, there’s some info in there for future plans you can check out for free.


I mean, as long as you’re in there, if you want to support us, that’d be rad and we’d appreciate it. And we’ll repay you by continuing to make more pics of girls being humped by monsters and turning into stuff, whether it’s in games or freely visible on Yotsutsuji’s Pixiv. God knows the more time we can have away from our dayjobs, the more we’ll spend it keeping the internet weird.

We are aiming to make our first expansion patch for some time during the summer of 2017, featuring a new girl to work alongside Hal. If you’re a baller dropping Abe Lincolns at a sensible rate, you can vote on who that girl will be and check out the results a little early. Or even grab it for free when it comes out.

Your votes will be combined with the ones on our Enty page… which is like some Japanese Patreon deal. There isn’t one unified system yet. But with your support, we will cater to some fetishes.

Let’s elect a monstitute


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